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  • The Power of Positive Declassifying | The New Yorker

    The Power of Positive DeclassifyingPoof! Just like that, what was secret is now not secret, all through the power of your beautiful, enormous, manifesting mind.via The New Yorker: you become more practiced in the power of positive declassifying, you will acquire the ability to declassify entire tranches of documents in a single go. At […]

  • Putin’s Escalation in Ukraine Is a Losing Strategy | The New Yorker

    Putin’s Escalation in Ukraine Is a Losing StrategyThe push to claim new territory and mobilize more troops is unlikely to reverse Russia’s losses on the battlefield—but it could move the war into its most dangerous phase yet.via The New Yorker: are fighting alone, whereas Ukraine has many allies. And, as the fight goes on, […]

  • “My Son Hunter” Is Not the Hunter Biden Movie We Need, or the One We Deserve | The New Yorker

    “My Son Hunter” Is Not the Hunter Biden Movie We Need, or the One We DeserveThe Breitbart film is an amateurish, often batshit satire-cum-thriller-cum-melodrama-cum-propaganda-organ, which switches between modes with the unexpectedness of a Surrealist cutup.via The New Yorker: movie promises to include, among its revelations, “Sex, Prostitution, Drugs, Cronyism, Money Laundering, More Sex, a […]

  • In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge Trials Come to an End – The New York Times

    16 Years, 3 Convictions: The Khmer Rouge Trials Come to an EndThe last surviving leader of the regime that killed 1.7 million Cambodians lost his appeal on Thursday. Some victims think the long, expensive tribunal was a hollow exercise.Link: spent over $330 million. In the end, it convicted just three people

  • Inside Russia’s Vast Surveillance State: ‘They Are Watching’ – The New York Times

    ‘They Are Watching’: Inside Russia’s Vast Surveillance StateA cache of nearly 160,000 files from Russia’s powerful internet regulator provides a rare glimpse inside Vladimir V. Putin’s digital crackdown.Link: more technologically savvy counterparts in China, where internet surveillance is more automated, much of the work of Russian censors is done manually, the documents show. But […]

  • Review: ‘We Are the Proud Boys,’ by Andy Campbell – The New York Times

    The Proud Boys and the Long-Lived Anxieties of American MenAndy Campbell details the history of an ascendant far-right group.Link:“I have superhuman strength,” said McInnes, who publicly resigned from the Proud Boys in late 2018. “I’m smarter than ever before. I also crave my wife in a way that’s unprecedented.”

  • Why Is Trump Openly Embracing QAnon Now? | The New Yorker

    Why Is Trump Openly Embracing QAnon Now?The former President is likely signalling to prosecutors that he won’t go quietly, so they had better beware.via The New Yorker: a campaign rally in Youngstown, Ohio, on Saturday night, for the Republican Senate candidate J. D. Vance, Trump played background music that the Times described as “all but […]

  • How Book Bans Turned a Texas Town Upside Down – The New York Times

    How Book Bans Turned a Texas Town Upside DownIn a political environment where book-banning efforts are being used to drive voter sentiment, librarians find themselves on the front lines.Link: January, the commissioners court had voted to dissolve the library board and appointed a new one, which included those who had originally advocated for restricting […]

  • Getting Brittney Griner Home | The New Yorker

    Getting Brittney Griner HomeThe attention commanded by the W.N.B.A. star, detained by Russia on a minor drug charge, could improve things for other Americans wrongfully detained around the world.via The New Yorker: Yevette Griner grew up in Houston, Texas, the daughter of a homemaker and a cop. It was a fairly ordinary upbringing, except […]

  • How Trump Supporters Came to Hate the Police | The New Yorker

    How Trump Supporters Came to Hate the PoliceAt the Capitol riot and elsewhere, MAGA Republicans have leaped from “backing the blue” to attacking law-enforcement officials.via The New Yorker:“We have guns, too, motherfuckers!” a man yelled over him. “With a lot bigger rounds!” Another added, “If we have to tool up, it’s gonna be over! […]

  • R. Crumb Means Some Offense – The New York Times

    R. Crumb Means Some OffenseEven from his refuge in France, the comics artist still makes America’s pulse race.Link: Crumb today feels like being in a staring match with an artist who’s still almost daring the culture to eject him. “The average people out there,” he tells me, “what they know of my work … […]

  • Why Hasn’t the U.N. Accused China of Genocide in Xinjiang? | The New Yorker

    Why Hasn’t the U.N. Accused China of Genocide in Xinjiang?A new report from the Human Rights Office found “widespread arbitrary deprivation of liberty of Uyghyrs and other predominantly Muslim communities.” Some activists think it didn’t go far enough.via The New Yorker: most important element of the report is that the violations in Xinjiang and […]