November 23, 2016

So hilarious. Just had a guy in the press room tell me what we really should be doing with our photo galleries to make them look better, get more engagement, etc. He details the whole plan, and I am able to tell him – I’ve built that site, and no one is using it.

I pulled up the current site (above) so he could look, and sure enough – it fits everything he is talking about. And again, no one is using it.

And you know what is even worse, I’ve built that site five different times over the years, always with the same dead end result.

And that’s when you realize that really, you are the fool in your own story.


It seemed crazy last year when I created over PDFs of more than 700 articles posted to But what I’ve adopted as a philosophy is that when you recognize an obsessive behavior in your life, double down on it.

In this case it meant using the SiteSucker app to download the entire Longform website, grepping out every single link from the text of their site, and writing some scripts to have yet another site create epub files of every single article ever posted on Longform.

Now I just need to read the 9,000+ longform articles I have thrown onto my iPad.


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