November 9, 2016

My assignment last night was the Utah Democrats Election Night Party.

Not the happiest place.


The coverage of the campaign has been atrocious – always falling back to the horse race rather than issues.

And how does the New York Times run the odds of Hilary winning (always over 85%) up until late last night when out of nowhere it reads Trump with 93% chance of victory?

How does the media, get it so wrong? So out of touch.

At our pre-election night photo dinner, a colleague couldn’t understand why anyone would vote for Trump, and why anyone didn’t like Hillary, that there was nothing to dislike.

But I’ve known people who have hated Hillary for twenty years. That’s beside the point. I was surprised that he gave no validity to anyone on the conservative side, that anyone opposed was simply a racist or misogynist.

They voted against Hillary because they don’t agree with a progressive agenda. I’ve kind of swerved here in my writing.

Back to the media – and more importantly the fake media, the partisan media – those outlets. The media world is so splintered into tiny outlets with little credibility.

But you know what? Readers don’t demand credibility any more. They just want to see what they agree with, or what outrages them.

It’s true in my own life – for a while this year I was looking at the Daily Mail everyday. I knew that the stories were all exaggerations and falsehoods and the most ridiculous stories. It didn’t matter, because that’s what I was looking for…

It was more fun to read the cartoon version of the news than the real news (which I read as well).

And I’ve stopped, so don’t judge.


I’ve been saying this year that everyone always says Never Forget, and It Can Never Happen Again, and how we’ve learned so much from the Holocaust.

But really, in the future it will happen again, with much more precision and devastation. Humans have gotten better at everything – the next rise of fascism (whether or not it is Trump) will be exponentially worse.

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