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  • October 9, 2020

    I’m focused on camera weight. Obsessed with it. Here are the weights of cameras that would work for what I do, from lightest to heaviest: Sony A7C | 509 g Fuji X-T4 | 607 g Leica M10-R | 660 g Sony A7RIV | 665 g Nikon Z7 | the 675 g Sony A9ii | 678 […]

  • December 6, 2016

    Link: Sam stood out from the start. “Born on third base,” as he says, not because his family had money but because he considers intellect, not class, to be the new driver in society.

  • April 8, 2020

    The day when they shut down the restaurants. That’s when I started photographing COVID-19 obsessively. An editor directed me to a row of restaurants downtown. It was so quiet on the street that day. Very few people were out. It felt real. I photographed the empty dining room of a Mexican restaurant, complete with that […]

  • April 6, 2020

    Going off the rails. This new hyperactive photography thing needs better management. I have am shooting too many photographs to put out. And the entire idea of the Rough Draft blog [here, this site] was to have no limits, no thoughts about editing, not think about quality – just free expression. But at this moment […]

  • May 24, 2018

    back to work after a week in NYC. lots of photos to edit. lots to write about from the past month. we went 8 photographers -> 4 photographers and many friends affected by layoffs. on the other side, so many positive events and much hope and positivity sent out from friends. .:. long day, but […]

  • April 23, 2018

    Reflecting on a design committee I was part of last year… We followed a pattern that now seems like a legacy pattern: section off stories into subject blocks like Technology, Environment, Sports. Each department has their own space to list several stories. People on the committee probably felt good that they were claiming territory to […]

  • April 10, 2018

    You ever get a call from a friend who wants you to come to their office because they’ve “got something for you”, and you go and they hand you a Leica M camera? And you get to keep it?! That actually happened to me last week. I walked out of the office holding the camera […]

  • March 9, 2018

    I started a post a couple weeks ago as I started a two-week binge of photographing high school basketball games. I had been editing photos from February tournaments from the past decades and realizing the many shortcomings in the typical newspaper photographer (a slur) approach to basketball. The idea I took going into the first […]

  • March 6, 2018

    From Lens Blog this morning, a fantastic piece on legendary photographer Ralph Gibson (link below): “I wanted to make photographs you could look at for a long period of time, photographs that were not ephemera, photographs that were made to last and could support a great depth of content,” he said. “That’s the opposite of […]

  • February 10, 2018

    “Let’s just pretend it never happened… and what would we create?” —Kathleen Hanna. The Punk Singer..

  • February 5, 2018

    You are a creative, a photographer, a writer, a producer of content. My thought is this: Last night I photographed a local event where a lot of really cool things happened. Women gathered and over the course of three days, learned to play instruments, write a song, rehearse, and put on a live concert. I […]

  • January 31, 2018

    I stopped in on a photo exhibit the other day. Amazing portraits done in some sensitive situations. One thing missing: the photographer’s name. Later today there’s an event for the exhibition. In the event announcement on the venue’s blog? No mention of the photographer’s name. And here in my writing, something missing because out of […]