June 7, 2016

Not sure when I’ll upload all these recent writings.

Because a few things – why the need to share? questioning that whole idea of social sharing.

Really the important thing is what you create as an artist. The behind the scenes, the thoughts and opinions? Not so important. The focus should be on the work.

Also, the way everything is recorded and tracked and monitored is on my mind. Considering the idea of simply posting the photographic work without words, a la Gilles Peress.

Words today seem like traps that you set for yourself, giving others a snare.


Do need to start posting photographs.

Feel the need to get off Facebook, and disconnect from Google services.

Wondering why do many artists and punk rockers and iconoclasts are helping build up the world’s wealthiest men by posting on and using these company’s products.


I’ve been listening to Tim Ferris’ podcast. Lots of interviews with people doing incredible things, pursuing a lot of ideas and goals similar to me.

Efficiency. Pure, cold efficiency.

Need to take an overview of everything I’m doing and trim a lot out.

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