June 2, 2016

Now, seemingly always, drowning in content.

Reading like three books, in the middle of a film I’ve seen before, and also now converting all the longform articles in my reading list to PDFs (400+ so far) so that I can read them.

Because I’ve now got two iPads – one for movies and one for books/PDFs.

It’s out of control, a race I’ll never win. If anything, it gives my brain a problem to work on – the cataloging and sorting of the content. I spend as much time on that as anything else.


Over 10,000 photos from the Narrative Clip 2 so far, mostly all unusable. Still, another thing to keep the mind occupied.

Ideas about how to keyword those – timelapse, then I don’t know. Do I actually edit this stuff or just collect.


Back on the idea of building a panoramic rig. I had this idea a couple of years ago, and the only problem was the cost. Now that two years have passed, maybe the gear I need for this project will be less expensive. Maybe.


Sent out an e-mail yesterday about a project. No response from the team. I think that particular ship might have sunk.

And yet I spent an hour coding this morning. Probably time to put it on pause.


New owner at the main client.

Much better transition than the previous new owner.

Then -> this newspaper was sh*t yesterday, but now that we own it it’s gold.
Translation: everyone who works here except us new owners is sh*t.

Now -> you’ve done a tremendous job throughout all of the previous drama.

I’m hoping that we can move ahead, lose the PTSD that a lot of us have from uncertainty and drama.

I’m hoping for new projects to spring up (including the ones I have pitched months ago).

I’m hoping for communication and accountability. Two things we are in desperate need of.