January 5, 2011

I’ve spent most of the day editing photos. Flood, football, rodeo, more football. Lots of catching up to do so I can put everything from 2010 together for contests.


Today’s media: No time really. A little bit of Crackdown 2. And I almost started The Ricky Gervais Show. Karl Pilkington: amazing.

And you know what? I’m not linking to the stuff I talk about on here anymore. If you see something interesting (and it all is), you can Google it yourself.


I’ve got this site for photojournalists in Utah. It’s a place photographers can post photographs and share ideas.

When I designed the site I wanted a way for people to rate each other’s posts and photographs, but in a positive way. I made it so viewers could leave coins on posts they liked. They way I saw it there was no way to leave a negative vote, since no matter how many coins you left it would only drove a post’s score higher.

But it didn’t take long for readers to figure out a way to mark a post as awful:

The 1 coin vote.

Since my system displays the average number of coins, a 1 coin vote often shows up on a post like an egg splattered across your windshield. I’m toying with the idea of removing the average coin display.

Lately I had some issues with an acquaintance of mine. And now I’ve found out that he’s been leaving 1 coin votes on my posts as a way of vexing me. I know, right? It seems so immature that I didn’t believe it either. And this person is a grown, adult man (GAM).

I found out what was going on after posting an innocuous item asking people to list their Twitter feeds. After an hour or so I was surprised to see that the post had received three 1 coin votes, an unheard-of number. Who hates Twitter? I wondered. So I looked.

The coin system keeps a log of all votes. I rarely look at it, but a quick scan showed that this GAM had left the 1 coin votes. And from the time stamp I saw that he did this right after we had a disagreement. I looked further and saw he had gone through several of my posts in a matter of minutes handing out 1 coin votes to all of them, including one he had previously given a 14 coin vote. This GAM was clearly acting like a dick.

1 coin votes?

It’s absolutely ridiculous.


Time to cast a spell on all GAMs…

Let your coins flow freely. Life is too short to be bitter. Leave me alone as I leave you alone. The End.

Goodnight GAMs.


  1. I think the coin philosophy is kind of interesting. When it was first implemented I only gave 15 coins out because I felt like it was kind of a dick move to be like “I’ll give fourteen coins to this, but not fifteen.

    However, the “all or nothing” approach is what works for me. I’d rather err on the side of encouragement.

    If you take coins plugin down then theoretically the Like button should supplement it, but I don’t think as many users are willing to use it (yet.)

  2. the coins are werid. recently someone got over 1000 coin and the photo was bad. and i have never gotten more than 15 coin? what’s a gam? is it some derogatory? paul. this is paul from the utah photo blog and i found your blog on twitter.

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