January 4, 2011

Assignment – shooting.

According to the cops, they’re chasing a guy who drives into a ditch, runs, and pulls a gun. They shoot and kill him. It’s the first time I’ve taken a photograph in Hooper, Utah.

Assignment – barn fire.


Finished the film A Single Man. Great.

Started watching Jersey Shore Season 2.

Yes. Jersey Shore. Let’s see if I can keep this post from going off the rails.

Laura lasted less than ten seconds before she stopped watching. I kept going. I need to find out if Ronnie and Sammi’s on and off-again relationship will ever last longer than twenty minutes drinks.

You know what’s great about shows like Jersey Shore? I think I figured it out…

When I was young it was easy to laugh at people. I didn’t know any better. Now I’m older and life has humbled me. I try to laugh with people, not at them.

But when watching Jersey Shore I can laugh at people and there is absolutely no guilt; the losers I’m laughing at are very well paid.

Sign of the times: Object of Ridicule is now a paid position.

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