Private in Public

Creative input is everywhere. Today I heard the actor Wendell Pierce talk about his work on the television show The Wire, and acting in general. Listen to this:
“We should never be afraid to be private in public because that’s what art is all about, especially acting.”
His point is that great art is created through behaving in public the way you would in private. Think about that. To me it’s about honesty and being true to your identity, and not being afraid of who you really are. That will lead to creating art that reflects your identity.
When I think of my favorite artists, photographers, artists, musicians, etc., they are all true to their craft.
Am I? Are you?
I can tell you that yesterday I took photos that fell short of what I am capable of. But I can also tell you that today is a new day.
Are you afraid to act private in public? It’s a good question for us all.