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  • theclearlydope: Hello Good Morning: I’m impressed. Oh yeah this was from a fashion show.  

  • theclearlydope: SATURDAY NIGHTTTT!!!

  • mormonhair: McGlusky the Mormon by AG Hales, 1937 Starting in 1904, AG Hales wrote a series of adventure books about McGlusky, an Australian dude from Scotland who (as far as I can tell) always ends up the hero. I wish I could find a plot synopsis for this somewhere because I’m sure it’s terribly offensive […]

  • lbmdispatch: Ten-week-old Gaia. The Googleplex. Mountain View.

  • photojojo: Polish photographer Marcin Ryczek captured this once in a lifetime image of a man feeding ducks from a snowy shore. Doesn’t it make you think of yin and yang?  Winter in Krakow – A Perfectly Aligned Photo of a Lifetime via Reddit

  • clubberin: “Every time I look across the ring and see a different opponent, it reminds me of standing by a dark, dangerous river, and looking across into a bold new land, and baby, that’s risky business.”

  • usogui: why

  • wackfriday: I’ve been waiting so long for a picture worthy of this frame