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  • pushingthebuttons: Fresh off the press, Le Tour as Seen on TV! This is my zine of Tour de France 2012 television coverage. Only 150 copies available at $15.99. http://www.blurb.com/b/4312111-letour

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    theclearlydope: This looked like me during the mid-90’s. This is something I would have done in the mid-90’s and today. Sadly this is not me.  vias scrotumcoat: kingjaffejoffer: eyywaju:

  • fuckyeahsovietrussia: USSR life. Snowmobile in Khanty-Mansiysk 1976. ☭

  • lukepelletier: Goofin’ around.

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    liartownusa: Emergency Pope

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  • theclearlydope: It sucks here. Back to you guys in the studio.  imwithkanye: Fed-up Reporter Gives Honest Weather Report

  • theclearlydope: My weapon of choice. Because hey, there is always a deer around.

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    theclearlydope: Much better than Erica.