April 6, 2020

Going off the rails. This new hyperactive photography thing needs better management.

I have am shooting too many photographs to put out. And the entire idea of the Rough Draft blog [here, this site] was to have no limits, no thoughts about editing, not think about quality – just free expression. But at this moment I’ve got 56 new photos lined up, also 14 drafts created, also several GIFs.

On top of that, made at least several interesting photographs today (out of the 150+ unedited photos I just put into Lightroom). What to do with those?

The pipeline is completely crowded and unworkable.

Need a funnel. A lot post [here, this site], the better ones post to trent.photo and the best to trenthead.com.

Have to redesign workflow tonight and backtrack to make sure I didn’t miss anything from March. There were so many photographs.

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