2019 Week Seven

Corona Arch

Ideas Projects

Been wondering what to do about UNPA – it’s time to put out a call for entries and yet we’re still waiting on some results from last year.

One morning this week I had an idea for one of my vacant domains, where instead of a contest I could have all the photographer friends send in their favorite photo or project they did in 2018 and make a beautiful site showcasing each photographer and their work. It could be a monthly update, grow and grow, on and on…

I got so psyched up about the idea that I was going to call a photo editor across the way and pitch the idea, to ensure that the photographers working for them could participate without any issues.

Within a couple of hours the mind slowed down and the idea was thrown on the stack of ideas that are going not to be done. I still love it, though. Fifteen years ago we could have done it.

All week I’ve planned to resign from UNPA. I have a draft email from last year ready to go. Nineteen years of volunteer work on that project is something to be proud of. Someone else can take up the reins.

Then again, the industry is so much diff than it was. The community connection… I’m not sensing it.

Then again.

The week covered a lot of miles. More photos than text.

Utah Capitol
Rocky Ridge
La Sal Mountains
Bowtie Arch
Grandstaff Canyon