Month: January 2019

  • 2019 Week Four

    2019 Week Four

    Images > words this week. A few from a new ongoing series taken with the Leica and 21. Finished the week off by installing Pi-Hole. Everything looks so clean now. After two hours, 756 queries blocked, 23.9% of traffic. Brilliant. Assignment: Selection of New Salt Lake County Mayor Posting the most interesting, not the most…

  • 2019 Week Three

    2019 Week Three

    The Leica and 21mm continue to give me unique angles… Assignment: Mitt Romney meets with Weber County Commissioners Assignment: Women’s March

  • 2019 Week Two

    2019 Week Two

    Assignment: Vigil for fallen officer Confession For thirty years I kept things pure. Now I have done the unthinkable: I have mounted a non-Leica lens onto a Leica M. I will never speak of it again. Yeah, we’ve all done horrible things but that was really bad. I have a 21mm again. The distortion is…

  • 2019 Week One

    2019 Week One

    Assignment: Gymnast Kari Lee I find myself momentarily monumentally bored with the SLR camera. In its place I have taken to using rangefinder cameras. This move opens up my vision while at the same time causing me to miss moments, at least until I re-tune my rangefinder skills to their previous levels. It’s a tradeoff…