December 23, 2016

It’s… this time this year is similar to this time last year. Looking forward to Jan 1, planning for Jan 1, thinking of how next year will be improved on.

Like, I’m going to write more.

Funny, though, writing more is not ne.. or should say posting more is not a great idea. Quantity is not the thing I want to bump up.


Suicide Squad –

Why are all the superheroes in the movies spending so much time punching. If you’re truly an evil genius or god or mutant, you’re going to have such a great plan that your success/failure won’t come down to punching. These films were always tragically flawed, but at this point it’s unwatchable. I know, it has always been unwatchable. You’re right.


I lost my Narrative Clip 2 camera a couple weeks back. So unless it turns up under the seat of my car, that project has come to an end. Much to the relief of Kyle Goon and others who were disturbed to find out that a device clipped to my shirt had been taking their photograph every ten seconds.


Diane Rehm has broadcast her final radio show. It’s a serious loss to the world. There was no moderator of her calibre, who could keep things calm and reasoned and allow all voices to be heard with respect. This election and its special rancor was probably her biggest challenge, but I will definitely miss hearing her voice – I will subscribe to her new podcast, and hang on as long as she does.

Some of her final advice:

Rather than arguing your point, listen to the others’ perspective.