December 6, 2016

Life is interesting when you wake up at 4:22 in the morning with over 10k longform articles on your iPad. You learn things…

  • Chinese buffets across the country are a front for human trafficking. link
  • Chemsex. link
  • How the NFL is using a tobacco-style strategy to hook kids, including a fantasy football league for children with a $10,000 cash prize. link
  • Timeline of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. link
  • Hundreds of thousands have joined Facebook groups trying to track down their missing loved ones, who left their small towns in Mexico to immigrate to the United States. link

The best read today… After The Process: Meet Sam Hinkie 2.0. I liked this:

Sam stood out from the start. “Born on third base,” as he says, not because his family had money but because he considers intellect, not class, to be the new driver in society.