November 2, 2016

Just back from a cold walk – with Ruby who was pinballing all around chasing sights sticks and smells.

Had someone reach out asking about the Short Creek zine I put out a while back. This was the push I needed to set up


We had a great fovi8 meeting last night. I’ve pretty much finished with the back end and now the ideas are flowing from the team. It’s great to be involved with three brilliant people.


It’s funny how you want things

Not going there.

With all of the recent hacks going on, it’s gotten to where you don’t really want to write anything down, especially in an email or text.

That’s definitely the direction I”m going. Why put anything down that reveals the a*shole that we all have inside of us? It’s not really who we are, but it comes out with quick expressions of opinion.

After watching a couple episodes of Black Mirror season 3 yesterday, I taped over all of the cameras on my devices. I don’t use them anyway, so why have an exposed window that is out of my control? Seriously.


Eli told me that UNPA results are all finalized, but I”m still waiting on them arriving in my inbox. Yes, in November we still don’t have results from the contest. And we haven’t had a get-together to hand out the awards.

Big credit to Eli, though. He’s been handling a lot of contest work for a dozen years. He’s finally done after this one. I just need that email and he’s done.

I have moved the UNPA winners gallery site to, which isn’t optimum. I don’t like having my name in the URL, but I’m no longer in the business of buying too many domains. At least, I hope those days are over.

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