October 20, 2016

P-GO – still playing, level 28. It seems to give me, I mean I’m doing so many things at once right now and pushing myself mentally. P-GO keeps the wheels spinning.


Been building the back end of Fovi8, and it’s going to be killer. It’s the fifth time I’ve built the concept and the programming is better than ever, cleaner code, faster system, APIs, etc. Very excited to be coming to the end of the process and move into the next phase.


Work is all about the philosophy WWJD? And it ain’t about Jesus, it’s about putting the focus on producing great photographs and getting them in faster and at higher quality than anyone else.

Sent a bunch from my phone from an assignment the other day, even with the knowledge that no one in the office was in any position to receive them, and the writer on the story would probably not have a story in until 4pm or so. Still, I was sending ready-to-publish images out of the D4 as the event was happening. Want to continue that all the time.

You’ve got to push yourself, and that’s been my thing this year. Oh, I’m getting overwhelmed with images out of the Narrative Clip that’s taking a shot every 30 seconds? The solution was obvious – triple the amount of photos it’s taking by lowering the interval to every 10 seconds.

Flood the system.


Watched the third Presidential debate this morning, on youtube playing at 1.5x speed.

What a bizarre place we’ve all come to, where we yell at each other with such hatred and spite. It used to be all under the surface, and now people just throw it out there.

On my walk I found a sticker posted close to the ground (dog level) with Donald Trump’s face and the words “Please Pee on Me.”

Brilliant sticker work. **Not expressing an opinion on Trump**

Go through my posts and there is a long tradition of photographing street art of various positions, various statements, etc.

It’s about making a visual record of the world.


Lately I feel like I’m living in the movie Groundhog Day. Every day seems the same, with the morning routine, the dog walk, working on code, photography, watching a show with my love.

It’s a great thing, and I go to sleep every night looking forward to it starting all over again. My love and I are alone in the house, having raised two of the most amazing children the world has ever known. We are so proud, and lucky to call them both dear friends.


And I always come back to the thought of these writings here in the Daybook. The thought of posting them, the pros and cons of such action.

I think as of today they will continue to remain offline.

The way the world is, with such a capacity for hate and shame and derision, I don’t see posting these at this point.

But I realize that eventually I will succumb and they will be out there.

Of course, there is no loss in delaying that action. This is for me not you.

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