July 13, 2016

I’m really down on a lot of the major tech offerings. I’m completely off goo now. And as far as facb, it’s so dominant now that I need it for research/journalism purposes (but not going to post there anymore, or read).

Observation: there’s a group of PJs on facb that is always posting about copyright infringement, rights grabs, and generally judging everyone. It’s natural, as the money in pj has completely evaporated…

…but my main point about the facb pj group is this – > why are they on facb? of all places to talk about protecting your IP, controlling your destiny?

And why are so many others there? I think back to the 80s punk rock philosophies that defined me so much. DIY, own it, control it, don’t go in for these multinational corporations (who are always corrupted in the end).

Why are there huge groups of punk rockers (old school punk rockers) on facb.?

I need to go completely open web.


I keep thinking about starting up a new WP blog at trent.photo. Somewhere I could throw all kinds of things that I collect along the way – photos, screenshots, stories.

I think WP is one of the tech companies who has not lost their way – still believes in the customer.

But I keep nearly pulling the trigger, because the people on this planet are all producing way too much content. For some reason people (including myself) think that they are being read, that their photos are being looked at, etc.

Junk content. I’ve done pretty well avoiding it lately. The worst app for it in my life is the web browser. I need to block some sites so that they are impossible to reach. I get nothing from them.


The amount of data input is still too high. I need to spend more time and thought cycles with less content. I need to filter out the noise and gain better focus. It’s coming.

Also, I just finished Vanderpump Rules Season One. Wow. Junk food too tasty, apparently.

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