April 5, 2016

Filling in at the office today.

First stop – sharpen three pencils, grab some index cards.
Now to see what’s on the schedule. It’s 9am.


Scheduling takes seven minutes. One new assignment, one time change, a few switches to be made. Now 53 minutes until morning meeting.

One of the assignments simply reads:
Third south is not in compliance with fire code


Out of meeting at 11:15 – it went long – chartbeat demo



+ backing up photo archive to another external drive
+ downloading newsgroup materials
+ upload to overcast.fm/uploads
+ calibre: download metadata for ebooks
+ eat energy bar


I thought my Meanwhile list would be a lot longer, but work was a full shift putting out fires and scheduling things. Everything on the Meanwhile list was pretty much background tasks.

But, there were some great moments.

+ Still on the budget of stories being worked on months later, the item “LDS Water Bottles.”
+ We sit through a demo of a new live tracking web stats system, which shows that our most popular piece of content today is a cake recipe.
+ I find a box of floppy disks, one labeled “Minority Job Fair.”