January 7, 2011

Assignment: CLASSIFIED, then canceled


Jury Duty: canceled


Got five discs from Netflix today. Three of them.


Went to see Black Swan with friends G&H, or H&G. It’s weird, G&H sounds better with the initials but if you are saying their names it’s better as H&G. Two rows ahead of me was one of Warren Jeffs’ attorneys, who didn’t spot me. Anyway, Black Swan. Wow. Crazy.


I started work on a composite photo that has 1,314 pieces. After I came home from the Olympics last year I was mental and had two weeks off so I spent hours watching Lost and cutting out shapes from thousands of photographs. It should be amazing when finished, but right now I have no idea how to piece it together. It’s like I have a 1,314 piece puzzle and there’s no correct way to assemble the pieces. I could go a hundred different directions.

I started with a master canvas, dragged in some gridlines, and started putting in pieces as layers. After an hour I had hardly made any progress. 1,314 pieces are really 1,314 pieces, I guess. It’s a lot of pieces, way more than I’ve ever worked with. This is going to take a while. No wonder I put off the assembly of this image for ten months.


Time to crawl into bed. I’m considering two courses of action: watching Jersey Shore or reading a book on the Dalai Lama.

I’ll write more on all of the things I’ve mentioned today as they mature. Though Jersey Shore Season 2 is the one thing not likely to mature.

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