10.20.1986 – Letter

Note: My short-lived attendance at Ricks College in the small town of Rexburg, Idaho twenty years ago was a defining stage of my life. Mostly for unpleasant reasons. Taking an extremely impulsive anarchist skate punk from California and putting them in the Rexburg of 1986, what can you expect? My being an 18-year-old with the maturity of a 9-year-old didn’t help, either. But it was in Rexburg that I fell in love with photography and abandoned my academic career to follow my passion.

These entries are written from the journals I kept when I was 18. Of course, at 38 today, I do not advocate any of the illegal activity discussed here. -Trent

Got a letter from L. She wrote some things she remembered. Thought it was interesting. Here it is:

Read each one of these… before you read the next one think about the one you just read for a minute:

– remember when we used to ride double all around on your board?

– remember your first flannel? Remember how, much later, I ripped it to shreds while we were talking?

– remember your smart pep talks to me that always helped me realize what I needed to realize?

– remember my Arnold Schwarzenegger haircut?

– remember your green phlegm shirt? the cemetery, the watertower? fair? Great America? egging? vegetabling? potatoing?

– remember skating at school, at the bank, at the pipe, and skate tag?

– remember our great stimulating and fun conversations before we started worrying about ‘what is a relationship’ and ‘how close we should be and what should we be doing’ and just worrying?

– remember when you used to want to be a forest ranger and when you used to want to join the Marines?

– remember how stupidly upset I used to get at the idea of you joining the Marines or getting a mohawk? Maybe it wouldn’t mean anything to you by now but I wish I could apologize for being so stupid and not accepting all of you like I should have.

– remember your tablecloth shirt?

– I remember when I came home that first nite and I had had so much fun I was disoriented and I put my dishes in the garbage and was tripping and putting the milk in the freezer, etc.

– remember seeing my therapist?

– remember when you were bald and I used to slap you on the head?

-remember our first kiss? Joni said you kiss different than any other guy she’s ever kissed and I think so too but the funny thing is I like it the best. I have never hardly been able to stand anyone else!