My sister says I need to post more. That I need to write more. That at some point I retreated inward and stopped sharing.


Zine #4 just about done for fovi8. Join us at fovi8.com.

We are building a community of photographers, and photos uploaded in December will be considered for zine #5.

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November 22, 2017

changing things up a bit here in prep for next year’s blog.

there is going to be more content and three main areas I’m focusing on:

the work (my photography) – photojournalism, gifs, polygamy, outtakes

media – a running tally of the media I’m taking in, rated.

core – daybook, screenshots, video

if you just want the photography, this is the RSS: feed:http://feeds.feedburner.com/44/NozI

if you want to follow everything via RSS: https://2017.trent.photo/feed/


Happy Thanksgiving.

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November 15, 2017

The Daily, 3
Intercepted – the distraction in chief, 4
Bill Simmons Ta-Nehisi Coates on the NBA’s Popularity and Issues Plaguing the NFL, 4
On The Media Rebecca Traister Says ‘the Anger Window’ Is Open, 3
Joe Rogan 1039 JRE #1039 – ILIZA SHLESINGER, 4
A Small Voice 066 – Sian Davey
‘Times’ Reporters Describe How A Paper Trail Helped Break The Weinstein Story : Fresh Air
, 4

Suntan, 3

The Day I Met El Chapo, 4

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November 13, 2017


Coding. Coding. fovi8


Lots of ideas coming for 2018 blog, changing things up for that. Looking forward to new tempo, new format,

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November 11, 2017

Assignment: Utah v Washington State


Film: The Love Witch


7:35 – Still plowing through this week’s new music. 695 songs to go in initial sift. Right now it’s a band last.fm’s bio says “It’s Swiss made, but it’s definitely far away from being cheesy.” Then there’s Elvenking, with a folk metal album about living in the forest with the elves.

At the start of the year I was worried about missing something, inadvertently sending some treasure out of the library. But in the streaming world where you have access to everything your filter can have errors because anything can be brought back in instantly.

Done. 974 candidates to listen to. 2.5 days of music. Play.

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November 10, 2017

New music release day today – by 7am I have added 1,755 songs for review, and that’s after removing the Classical, Country, Christian, Jazz, R&B. People don’t believe I do this, but it’s true. All year, sifting through new releases from Apple Music. The technique:

Add new releases to library by genre: Alternative, Indie, Reggae, Rock, World, Metal.
Add new releases from front page.
Three smart playlists make the rest of the process more manageable – all limited to songs added in 2017… 0 stars, 2 stars, 4+ stars.
Start listening – quickly weeding out the bands that don’t connect with what I like. These tracks are assigned a 1 star rating, and are gone.
Anything that sounds promising at all gets 2 stars. It usually takes about a 30-60 minutes to sift through the week’s releases and make this initial sort.
Now I have a week to listen to the 2 star playlist and anything good in there moves up to 4 stars for regular rotation. Anything that doesn’t connect goes to 1 star and out.
Songs that get 4 stars initially are reduced to 3 stars if they don’t hold up, and others move up to 5 stars if I really like them.
After doing this all year I’ve got 482 songs in regular rotation. Last year? only 163.

If you read all of that, sorry.

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fovi8 zine #1

Wow – I love that photo by my good friend Tom Szalay, gracing the cover of the first issue of the fovi8 zine. Tom had the most popular image on the site, as well as the 4th, out of nearly 400 images submitted.

I’m just now coming up for air after two months, and holding a physical object that’s the result of hard work is a great reward – fovi8 #1 has photographs from 25 photographers who submitted work in August. The work is amazing. You can buy one of only 100 copies on the site.

We are lucky to have an amazing community of photographers going strong at https://fovi8.com. The last month was a blur of keeping things running, adding features, editing a zine, getting it published, and looking over all the new work coming in through September. Now I look up at the calendar this morning and realize there are only six days left to submit photographs for the second issue. This train is rolling and won’t stop. Here comes the deadline, join us and send in your photos, or at least help us judge the work.

If you haven’t checked out the site, give it a shot. There’s a lot to discover about the site.

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