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  • Twenty Three Week Seven

    Twenty Three Week Seven

  • Twenty Three Week Six

    Twenty Three Week Six

  • Twenty Three Week Five

    Media: The 1976 climbing tragedy of Nanda Devi Unsoeld (longform), more on MILF Manor from Cody Ko (video), the Hunt for Russian Collaborators in Ukraine (longform), Russia’s Convict Fighters are Heading Home (longform), and this must see on Netflix:

  • Twenty Three Week Four

    It took 79 months to get to that screen. Media: Much needed winter comedy from Paul T. Goldman (TV), Detroiters, S1 (TV), You People (film). Couldn’t bring myself to actually watch Milf Manor (TV) so I watched Cody Ko’s recap. Most disturbing forest encounters (youtube). That is a lot of fluff, compared to this horrific […]

  • Twenty Three Week Three

    Twenty Three Week Three

    Many moments fly by. This one hit. I was photographing from the Senate gallery as Sen. Nate Blouin read a statement by Ari Webb during the voting on and passing of another anti-transgender bill in the Utah Senate. A quote from Bryan Schott’s article in The Salt Lake Tribune: “This is a reminder of the […]

  • Twenty Three Week Two

    Twenty Three Week Two

    The archives say the week was this: Media: Landlocked (film) was the kind of film you can’t forget (in the best way). Sick (film) takes you back to early COVID-19 quarantine and adds a human killer. Saw Avatar: The Way of Water (film) in the theater. And to catch the backstory of a MySpace outsider […]

  • Twenty Three Week One

    Twenty Three Week One

    We started off the year in Moab. Always beautiful. More so when no one is around. We took advantage and spent every day in Arches National Park, where we fell in love back in January 1989. Media: Loved The Menu (film) and luckily watched You Should See This (film) just before the guy got canceled. […]

  • Week Thirty-Five

    Week Thirty-Five

    Staff Sgt. Taylor Hoover Utah v Weber

  • Week Thirty-Four

    Week Thirty-Four

    Walmart Field Guide City Creek

  • Week Thirty-Three

    Week Thirty-Three

    Parleys Canyon Fire

  • Week Thirty-Two

    Week Thirty-Two

    Punishment at the Peak – Demolition Derby Utah Football Mask Mandate Request Mask Mandate Fails

  • Week Thirty-One

    Week Thirty-One

    Cosm The White Family Large Dangerous Rocket Ships K