Flash Flood - spj contest entry Flash Flood - Photo Essay
Onlookers are dwarfed by the devastation caused by a once-in-a-century flash flood that ripped through Hildale, Utah. Two vehicles carrying fifteen people, including eight children, were washed away, with only one surviving.
Children from the FLDS polygamous sect look at the wreckage of the two vehicles that had been swept away in a flash flood in the Short Creek Wash, killing thirteen (with another victim still missing).
Searchers from the Utah National Guard and Task Force One search a culvert along the Short Creek Wash in Colorado City, Arizona. Outside agencies, a rare sight in the insular polygamous town, provided manpower and material help to the devastated community.
Women and children, members of Warren Jeffs' polygamous FLDS sect, walk through a washed out road in Colorado City, Arizona, surveying the damage by the historic flash flood that took thirteen lives (with one still missing).
Members of the Utah National Guard search for a missing flood victim in the Short Creek Wash in Hildale, Utah.
Ex-FLDS member Patrick Pipkin takes a break while searching a flooded field in Colorado City, Arizona, for a missing boy, the last of fourteen victims (many of them childnre) of the flash flood. The search for the young victims thawed relationships between members of the secretive FLDS sect, led by Warren Jeffs, and those who have left the group.
Government officials conduct damage assessments along the Short Creek Wash in Colorado City, Arizona, as one of the fourteen victims from a flash flood remained missing.
Young FLDS boys run down a hill during the search for a missing flash flood victim in Hildale, Utah.
Sheldon Black and his two surviving sons grieve during a public memorial service for the fourteen victims of a flash flood in Hildale, Utah. Black lost a wife and three children in the flood.
Attendees bow their heads in prayer during a memorial for the thirteen (and one still missing) victims of a September 14th flash flood in Hildale, Utah.
Mourners stand over the graves of nine flash flood victims, two wives and seven children (all from one family), at the Issac Carling Memorial Park Cemetery in Colorado City, Arizona. Another four victims died in the flood, and another remains missing.