Twenty Three Week Three

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Sen. Nate Blouin, D-Salt Lake City, as the Senate gives final passage to a bill aiming to crack down on the ability of doctors to prescribe hormone therapy for minors who are transgender, at the Capitol building in Salt Lake City on Friday January 20, 2023. At right is intern Ari Webb, whose statement Blouin read during the vote.

Many moments fly by. This one hit. I was photographing from the Senate gallery as Sen. Nate Blouin read a statement by Ari Webb during the voting on and passing of another anti-transgender bill in the Utah Senate. A quote from Bryan Schott’s article in The Salt Lake Tribune:

“This is a reminder of the fact that people like me are not accepted by the majority of this body. This is not a partisan issue. No one is trying to indoctrinate your kids into the trans community that would welcome them with open arms. I would not be alive if I had not been able to transition, and I am lucky that my attempts to take my life before that time failed,” Webb wrote.

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