At Lake Adelle, the Dead, the Missing and Those Left Behind | Feature | St. Louis | St. Louis News and Events | Riverfront Times

Sarah had reason to be wary beyond the bizarre nature of the manic appeal. Detectives had been up and down Lake Drive over the past several weeks inquiring as to the whereabouts of a missing man, 36-year-old Jerry Crew, reportedly last seen at Legens’ home. The police had even asked to look at the footage from the security cameras mounted on the house where Sarah lived in the hopes that it might prove their suspicion that Crew had entered Legens’ place but never exited. According to one neighbor, Legens had kept the “routine of a vampire” since returning from jail in 2020, sleeping all day and running loud power tools in his house all night. Thoroughly freaked out, Sarah ran to a neighbor’s house and hid there as the night unfolded in dramatic fashion.

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