Month: April 2019

  • 2019 Week Sixteen

    2019 Week Sixteen

    Assignment: Groundbreaking Assignment: Temple Square Assignment: Easter Mass Assignment: Flood Warnings

  • 2019 Week Fifteen

    2019 Week Fifteen

    Assignment: The effect of domestic violence on children Assignment: Greeted with hugs and tears, nearly 100 Utah National Guard members return home after a Middle East deployment Assignment: Planned Parenthood, ACLU announce federal lawsuit aimed at striking down Utah’s new 18-week abortion ban Assignment: go out and find something

  • 2019 Week Fourteen

    2019 Week Fourteen

    Masked Intruder The Interrupters Assignment: General Conference Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square Church Leadership Assignment: ‘It was like the end of the world’: Shop owner recounts robbery suspect crashing truck into his South Salt Lake business and police shootout

  • 2019 Week Thirteen

    2019 Week Thirteen

    Assignment: Karaoke Katmandu State Street, SLC Assignment: Hotdogs State Street, Orem Assignment: Cindreia’s Mother Level Crossing