Month: March 2019

  • 2019 Week Twelve

    2019 Week Twelve

    Assignment: Auburn v New Mexico State, NCAA Tournament Assignment: Spring Weather Assignment: Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns

  • 2019 Week 11

    2019 Week 11

    We lost a true champion of our children this week. A friend who had made a difference in many lives, especially those of my two children. Heather we will never forget you and the kindness you freely gave. Assignment: Dreamscapes Assignment: Climate Change Walkout & Rally Tough week.

  • 2019 Week 10

    2019 Week 10

    Some weeks are meant to be forgotten. Welcome to this one. Assignment: This cannabis patient is believed to be the first in Utah to face drug charges since the new state law was enacted. Prosecutors later dropped all counts. I’m getting a lot of practice taking photos of people choking up at press conferences. This…

  • 2019 Week Nine

    2019 Week Nine

    Assignment: Utah Jazz v Milwaukee Bucks Assignment: Press Conference on Vapes Assignment: Planned Parenthood Rally Assignment: Utah Jazz v New Orleans Pelicans Thinking about how using the Leica has made my vision health more creative… Manual focus has been a good thing. Rephrase – Manual focus with the 21mm has been no problem at all.…