Breaking Free by Rachel Jeffs

My Notes

Warren’s childless wives at R23:

We took the children over to Father’s house so they could be tended by his many childless wives.

Prison visits:

He had been sent to the prison hospital in Galveston, Texas, with pneumonia. Father had not allowed me to visit him since his arrest five years earlier. All of his adult children had seen him except me…

Houses of hiding:

…we passed a sign that indicated we were in Idaho. The house of hiding was called Yang. Nine of Father’s wives were there.

…to a house in the mountains along the Colorado-Wyoming border we called Norway. It was thirty miles from Laramie, the nearest town.

FLDS trans:

“This is a new uncle,” Josie said. “Father sent a revelation that Aunt Melanie was supposed to be a boy, so now she is Uncle Wayne.” Father had outdone himself.

Short Creek Triplexes:

The very word triplexes gave us chills, like the memory of a bad dream or a haunted house, because Father used those buildings in Short Creek to punish his family by placing them in solitary confinement.


The FBI was monitoring Father’s family…


…frankly I was afraid of Lyle. Father had always issued his corrections in a measured tone of voice, but Lyle was a big man who screamed.

New Family:

In late August 2016 Father sent letters from prison in which he said that his family was unworthy of him and that God would give him a new family. He sent seven of his most special wives away forever with instructions that they must leave their children behind

12-year-old Escapes:

Father’s twelve-year-old bride Alysha, now twenty-four, who was living with us in hiding in Idaho, recently escaped with the man she always loved.

2008 Raid:

I also referred to my sister Teresa’s book, 2008 Raid. Upon learning of its publication, Father promptly sent her a strong correction telling her that Hevenly Father was displeased with her for making her story public and instructing her to burn all ten copies she had made. At her request, I burned the copy she had given me. However, she also asked me to keep an electronic copy, for which I am very grateful.