November Scoreboard


the way back 3
real crime hannah’s killer 2
The Witness 2
Lights Out 4
ghost and mr chicken 5
halt and catch fire S2 4
OJ Made in America 5
Man vs Snake 3
Nerve DNF
Swiss Army Man 4
Audrie & Daisy 3
American Crime Story – OJ 5
Imperium 2
Black Mirror S3 3
The siege of jadotville 4


Tranny 4
thin air 4
Night Fighter 3


Around the lens o-o-++-
Atp .–
Bill Simmons .o
Bullseye +-o
Chapo Trap House -o-oooo+ooooo+.+ooooooooooooo
Chase Jarvis o-o–
Clobbering Time .
Clockwise ooo
Core intuition –
Cortex o
Criminal o
Cwd .o.
do by friday o
Diane Rehm
Futility Closet o.oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-.oooooooooooooooo
Gilbert Gottfried o.o+.o
HS ..+ooooooo-
Jasta ooo++o
Jordan Jesse Go –
Keeping it 1600 o+ooo+oo
Longform o—o
Mobile couch .
Mormon stories – -o.-oo-ooooo
Nerdist ..+-+
No agenda oo—ooo
Office Hours oo
On the media +oooo
Petapixel .
Photo brigade .—
Radio west ++oo—o-.
Real time o.+o
Recode decode ooo
Recode media —+.
Reply all o.
Ric flair o
Street Fight Radio
Sword and scale oo
This American Life oooo
Talk show oo
Talking pictures o
Tim ferris –
Turned Out a Punk .-o
Triangulation +o-o
This week in google oooo
This week in tech o+oo
Welcome to mac +
Marc Maron Wtf +oo

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