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January 1, 2013

Okay, we’re not using the word resolution around here. Otherwise, you might put this, my first of many regular Daybook posts, in the same category as all the fools out jogging this morning, certain that this is the year they’ll get in shape. They will all quit, but of course I won’t.

Since we’re not using the word resolution… I mean, since I’m not… 2013 is about raising the bar.

Looking back at my Scoreboard for 2012, I read and watched way too many 2 and 3 star books and movies. I’m going to avoid that this year. The world of media is so well ranked and rated that there is no excuse for not avoiding the crap. I plan to be reading and watching only the best things.

Looking back at my online reading habits, same formula. No more sifting through garbage. You either bring it consistently or I unsubscribe. It’s that simple. I’ve already deleted my bookmarks for a bunch of news outlets that I always found myself reading when I was out of good material. Like, I knew I was bored and I’d find myself typing in the URLs of the third tier outlets looking for something interesting. It was never worthwhile. That ends today. Sorry Daily Mail and Drudge Report (and Huffington Post, which I quit over a year ago).

Only great material coming in means only great material going out as well.

There are so many streams of content you can step into now. With everyone posting multiple times per day, quantity trumps quality. I’m backing away from that.

I’ll be posting less content, but better content. No sense wasting your time and mine.

I’m going to adjust my social media presence starting today, with an emphasis on owning my own content. This blog that you’re reading is owned by me, not Google or Facebook. That’s how I want it, even if it means less traffic (and it does). I’d rather be running a indie record store with cool customers than the music department at the nearest Walmart. Here is my social media plan going forward…

Instagram. I’m not posting on Instagram for the foreseeable future.

Facebook. I’m no longer posting everything to Facebook. I’ll post links to my best content (which will appear here), mainly for the family and friends who use Facebook like the whole Internet.

Google+. Same as Facebook. If I see more traction there I’ll ramp it up, but so far over 6,500 people have me in circles and I hardly get any response. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

Tumblr. I’ll keep posting my outtakes and personal shots on Tumblr. That’s what it’s for, quick funny photos. However, I’ll be posting less of that on this blog.

Twitter. This is going to be my main focus going forward. If you want to know what’s up and get links to everything I post, follow me on twitter: @trenthead

You can also follow this blog via RSS or e-mail subscription.

Have a great 2013. I can’t wait…

January 1, 2013 .:.