August 17, 2012

The memories are better than the documented reality. Not only are we not tight, we play the songs too fast. This was our best lineup but we hadn’t clicked yet. Jason, Mike, Joey, Wade, me. A few months later we recorded a demo at Art of Ear that could have been the start of something bigger. Then we fell apart and I found photography and put down the guitar.

There are a bunch more videos from this epic Gilman show. I wish there were more. We played the second night the club was open, with Justice League. The scene played a huge role in who I am today. Especially shows at New Method, Club Foot, Ruthie’s Inn, The Mab, The Farm.


That was then, here is now… a story in SF Weekly about Gilman Street’s $4,500 a month rent and how it is affecting the club’s ethos:

And there’s Creative Commons for you, SF Weekly just grabs a bunch of photos from good natured punks and posts them in a slideshow with the only credit being a link that says SOURCE back to their flickr pages. In the first shot you can even see legendary show photographer Murray Bowles in the background.

And why does SF Weekly’s “Now Trending” box bring up a different set of articles every time I reload the page? Hilarious, folks. Now Trending, indeed.

August 18, 2012 .:.