May 23, 2012

I still can’t get over the Leica M Monochrom, the only $8,000 black and white only camera on the market. $8k without a lens.

Over on the podcast, where we take great pride in our contempt for good audio technique, I talked about a trick I’ve been using with my Fuji X100 for black and white photography. One of the big problems when shooting black and white is that you’re seeing in color. Some extreme black and white photographers back in the day would carry around a monochrome viewing filter that would reduce saturation so they could see closer to what the shot would look like without all the color in the world. The Fuji cameras do something better. You can set the electronic viewfinder to black and white.

It’s amazing.

Shots that seemed bland before come to life and your ability to make creative compositions goes up. I was in a large room lit by fluorescents, the kind of lighting that just strips the life out of color, but when I looked through in black and white it opened up. Then I was seeing the lines, the shapes, the scale of the room and the people in it.

Things were fresh again. .:.


Trent Nelson: Hey Dave, I rarely manual focus with the X100. When I do I use the zoom-in feature so it’s easier to see, but it is still often difficult. The autofocus works pretty well, but sometimes it won’t lock on where I need it to. I often focus using the back button to lock on. Also, in the dark it’s very disappointing as it searches and searches and can’t find a spot to grab. The focus is faster now with the latest firmware, both manual and auto. For every good thing there is a bad thing, and you have to adapt yourself to this camera’s limitations. But it’s small and silent, so there are situations where it is the best camera to have. Hope that answers you… trent

Dave Uhlig: Trent, Thanks for the quick reply. I am trying to figure out if I need to invest in a small, take everywhere system, or just be happy with what I have. The x100 seems like a good compromise of size and image quality. Thanks again.

Trent Nelson: It’s an amazing camera, go for it!

Dave Uhlig: Trent, Do you find the focusing tough to work with or is it something you get used to on the x100? Also, do you find it goofy not being able to use certain shutter speeds when wide open? Just curious on your experiences with it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

May 23, 2012 .:.