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FLDS Meetinghouse

Whenever I’m down in Short Creek covering polygamy stories, I’m always on the lookout for any insight into the FLDS world. The FLDS followers of Warren Jeffs have basically shut themselves off from the world, especially people like me. Not only am I a journalist, but even worse, a photographer. I don’t think you can get any lower. So since no one in the FLDS faith will talk to me or agree to be photographed, I’m always looking for any hint into their world. We were driving past the FLDS meetinghouse in Colorado City when I noticed the sign in the doorway. I had photographed the sign before. It just prohibits recorders, phones and weapons. But now there was a slip of yellow paper attached to it. What did it say? Was it something new to learn about the community? We pulled over to check it out. You can’t get close to the building; the meetinghouse and its large parking lot are private property. So I brought out my longest telephoto lens for a shot across the long parking lot. I clicked off a couple frames and pulled one up on the camera’s LCD screen. After zooming in, I saw what the yellow note said, an amazing discovery:

And so we learn one more thing about the FLDS. You read it here first. They exit the building from the south! Shocking news!

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caller#6: Clearly a reference to Masonic involvement.

me: Trent, you are really funny. I’m FLDS. Its not that we are afraid of people like you, its just that in the past, the media has taken what has been said and changed it. Taken words out of context. We find it is better to keep quiet, that way no words can be deranged. No offense, just past experience.

May 2, 2007 .:.
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