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1990: Mannequin Beach

1990: Mannequin Beach, Reptile Records, Provo, Utah. Photos by Trent Nelson.

Mannequin Beach was the funniest show ever. When the bass player came out wearing only a pizza box and started leaping around with the pizza box flying up and down revealing all, the conservative BYU-student crowd cleared out in about five seconds, leaving about three of us to enjoy the show. Afterwards, I remember the owner of Reptile Records (the venue) saying, “He asked me before the show if he could come out wearing a pizza box, but I had no idea that’s all he was gonna wear!”

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Sammatha: Who is the name of the bass player? Is he Jeff Staudinger?

Trent Nelson: not sure.

danny: I ran into these guys in Illinois back in the early 90’s while on tour with my band. Great guys. I think they were stranded and waiting for money or repairs. I don’t quite remember. I still have my Mannequin Beach T-Shirt. Fuck the PMRC Fuck the FCC!

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