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1987: The Original Unit Pride

Ted and Jef and I had a band called Unit Pride, where we played songs like, “Fishing for Humans,” “I Hate Cats,” and “Babies for Sale.” I got the name Unit Pride from a novel set during the Korean War (which was recently optioned for a film). We even used the logo from the book for a bunch of stickers that we plastered everywhere. Of the bands I was in at the time, Unit Pride seemed the least serious. My friend Pete asked me if his hardcore band could have the name. I said yes without hesitation. It didn’t really matter to me. It wasn’t really an issue until the new Unit Pride put out a demo tape. The other guys in my band were furious. They took my copy of the demo and shredded it, wetting the lyric sheet with spit.

The new Unit Pride later put out a 7” record and went on to fame, such as it is in the underground scene for flame-out straightedge bands of the late 80’s. And band members of that new Unit Pride went on to be in bands such as Redemption 87, Screw 32, and The Nerve Agents. That spat upon demo tape is probably worth three figures now. For photos of the Unit Pride you may have heard of, search the archive.

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