American Hardcore

I’m going to see the film, American Hardcore, tomorrow night at the Sundance Film Festival. I’ll post a review Saturday. The second wave of punk rock was a huge influence on my life that continues to this day. The messages from bands like Justice League, Conflict, 7 Seconds, and a hundred others was about thinking for yourself, being informed, and taking action. The rest of the country was listening to heavy metal’s lame anthems: “Lick it Up”, “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “Let’s Put the X in Sex”, and Iron Maiden’s countless songs about Stephen King novels. The punk scene was never perfect. We were stuck in our own strange non-conformist brand of conformity. We had cliques, and fashion rules. But the do it yourself (DIY) stance always felt right to me. The idea that no one’s better than anyone else. Those are attitudes that live on in my every decision. And when I meet people who were there, no matter where they’re from, we are brothers.


caller#6: are we allowed to play quien es mas punk?

caller#6: are we allowed to play ┬┐quien es mas punk? ?

January 26, 2006 .:.
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