lebron, wade, and i

2012 01
Link: Redlights and Redeyes

So LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and I were there together hanging out and….well, there really isn’t going to be a time I get to say that again, so I’m going to take advantage now.

I was lucky enough to be part of the huge team that the fine folks at ESPN the Magazine put together for their latest One Day, One Game series. The point is to give fans a glimpse into everything that it takes for one single game to be put on with vignettes from every angle imaginable.  It was one of my most fun shooting days ever, and I don’t think I can really go back to “normal” access after this.  Of course I will, but now will at least have a hard time wondering why I can come back into the locker room and photograph a player in the ice bath.

Sports Photography: Breaking the waves

While mainstream sports photography has become blunted by the controlling instincts of administrators and the ubiquity of same-brand digital SLRs, a select band of shooters – often focused on “adrenalin” sports that offer greater co-operation and freedoms – are finding new perspectives on the action. Diane Smyth talks to six of the best.

Bountiful vs. Sky View Football

A selection from last week’s Bountiful vs. Sky View high school football game. Edited with photographers in mind.

Bountiful Captains


Coin Toss- My wide-angle is tweaked.

The Mosh

Banner Bust

Bountiful fans: “Take Our Picture!”

Bountiful fans: “Take Our Picture!”

Touchdown run

Touchdown run

BYU vs. Utah State Football – Sack

10.03.2008 2019.jpg

Logan – BYU defensive lineman Brett Denney (92) sits on USU QB Diondre Borel after sacking him. BYU vs. Utah State University (USU) college football Friday, October 3, 2008.

I’m getting way behind in posting, so here’s a quick one until I put up something else.

Utah Jazz – The New Hotness


Salt Lake City – Utah Jazz guard Ronnie Price (17) goes up for a slam over Gabe Muoneke. Utah Jazz scrimmage Saturday, October 4, 2008.

Kind of weird to photograph Jazz basketball in a nearly empty arena. Just felt different without the usually atmosphere.

The great news for the upcoming season is the new lighting. The ambient light will be twice as bright this year. Looks pretty good to me.

BYU vs. Wyoming Football- Action!

Over a week later, my edit…

Brandon Bradley brings down Devin Moore

David Nixon, Shawn Doman, Russell Tialavea bring down Devin Moore

Fans watching Max Hall in action

Andrew Rich and Shiloah Te’o lift Josh Biezuns and slam him to the turf

Brandon Howard watches Greg Bolling pull down a reception

Wyoming players shove BYU’s Fui Vakupuna

Neill Chambers leaps over Tashaun Gipson

After a hard hit, a Wyoming player vomits

BYU – Startled Salad Man

9.20.2008 9696.jpg

Sorting through 1300+ photos from the BYU vs. Wyoming football game last weekend, I noticed a few things. Like when David Nixon returned an interception for a touchdown. It was a tough shot from where I was, but Trib photographer Rick Egan had the good angle so all was good. The sequence is filled with colorful characters standing on the sideline in the background.

My favorite is obviously Startled Salad Man. Let’s enjoy the closeup:

9.20.2008 9695.jpg

I’ll do something serious (or not) about the game shortly. Right now I’m going to get a slice of pizza.