Jazz vs. Cavs – LeBron James


Photographed the first quarter of the Utah Jazz vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, focusing on LeBron James. Above is a sequence during player introductions. So much energy. Then he goes over to the scorer’s table and does this whole chalk ritual. Look at all the fan cameras that got the shot, while I got this…

1.24.2009 0712.jpg

There’s a big chalk cloud above that frame, too. Would be a great moment, but not for me this year.

1.24.2009 2198.jpg

It wouldn’t take long for LeBron to explode.


Then three photos of the play where Kyrylo Fesenko fouled James pretty hard, knocking him to the floor.

1.24.2009 2227.jpg

I had moved to the outside for a clearer view, but the ref is always unpredictable.

1.24.2009 2229.jpg
1.24.2009 2279.jpg

Bountiful vs. Sky View Football

A selection from last week’s Bountiful vs. Sky View high school football game. Edited with photographers in mind.

Bountiful Captains


Coin Toss- My wide-angle is tweaked.

The Mosh

Banner Bust

Bountiful fans: “Take Our Picture!”

Bountiful fans: “Take Our Picture!”

Touchdown run

Touchdown run

Utah Jazz – The New Hotness


Salt Lake City – Utah Jazz guard Ronnie Price (17) goes up for a slam over Gabe Muoneke. Utah Jazz scrimmage Saturday, October 4, 2008.

Kind of weird to photograph Jazz basketball in a nearly empty arena. Just felt different without the usually atmosphere.

The great news for the upcoming season is the new lighting. The ambient light will be twice as bright this year. Looks pretty good to me.