Utah Jazz – The New Hotness


Salt Lake City – Utah Jazz guard Ronnie Price (17) goes up for a slam over Gabe Muoneke. Utah Jazz scrimmage Saturday, October 4, 2008.

Kind of weird to photograph Jazz basketball in a nearly empty arena. Just felt different without the usually atmosphere.

The great news for the upcoming season is the new lighting. The ambient light will be twice as bright this year. Looks pretty good to me.

Jazz vs. Rockets, Game 5

4.29.2008 4150.jpg

Jazz lost big to the Rockets the other day. I’m just getting around to posting a few photos. Ronnie Brewer after having a call go against him (above) with the Houston fans going nuts.

4.29.2008 5134.jpg

Mehmet Okur dunks but gets the facial himself.

4.29.2008 5107.jpg

And Boozer from the sidelines. Wow. This was an ugly game for the Jazz.