BYU vs. UNLV College Basketball – Second Half

1.21.2009 0368.jpg

This was about the moment when UNLV took over the game. Jackson Emery did a Pete Rose dive, sliding across the court trying to save the ball. It wouldn’t be long before UNLV tied the game and then went ahead to win, as BYU put up brick after brick.

1.21.2009 0459.jpg

Once a team unravels like this, it’s pretty easy to find photos to show it.

1.21.2009 0491.jpg

Jonathan Tavernari loses his handle on the ball.

1.21.2009 9443.jpg

UNLV’s Brice Massamba and UNLV guard Rene Rougeau celebrate after Rougeau was fouled during a UNLV streak that gave them a 55-48 lead in the second half.

1.21.2009 0636.jpg

Finally, Lee Cummard walks off the court after the loss.