Jazz vs. Rockets, Game 5

4.29.2008 4150.jpg

Jazz lost big to the Rockets the other day. I’m just getting around to posting a few photos. Ronnie Brewer after having a call go against him (above) with the Houston fans going nuts.

4.29.2008 5134.jpg

Mehmet Okur dunks but gets the facial himself.

4.29.2008 5107.jpg

And Boozer from the sidelines. Wow. This was an ugly game for the Jazz.

Jazz vs. Rockets, Game Five – Before the Tip

4.29.2008 3836.jpg

A collection of pre-game images from last night’s Jazz loss in Houston.

4.29.2008 3899.jpg

Carlos Boozer on the bench.

4.29.2008 3928.jpg

Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer.

4.29.2008 3962.jpg

I usually shoot this pre-game huddle (above) by holding my camera up over my head. It’s always a lousy shot. So I went low this time. The guy below is yet another reason to not lift your camera up over your head:

4.29.2008 3967.jpg

Learn from Scott’s example. If you’re going to lift up, tuck in the shirt. Lift and tuck. Or, tuck and lift. It’s early now and it was late last night. My mind is fried. And so is this post. Bye.

Jazz vs. Rockets, Game 5 Coming Into Focus

4.21.2008 4617.jpg

That’s one of the last photos I made after game two, as Deron Williams walked to the locker room under the glare of the camera lights after the Jazz win.

As I look quickly through my take, I see hundreds of images that bore me to tears. It’s generic basketball action at its finest, with a few mediocre reaction shots mixed in.

Either I was off, or it was a poor game for photos.

Tonight will be better. I’m not going back to the hotel feeling like this:

4.21.2008 4297.jpg

Jazz vs. Rockets – Game Two, Pre-Game

4.21.2008 3682.jpg

Trying to get something a little different before the game. Chatted up a security guard for twenty minutes and finally the Jazz came out into the bowels of the Toyota Center before taking the court. I know the color is funky, but I like it. They did a quick little dance surrounding Deron Williams and they hit the floor…

4.21.2008 3704.JPG

Jazz vs. Rockets, Game One – Williams

jazz rockets tn 3243.jpg

Talk about culture shock. I go from nearly two weeks of pioneer dresses on the quiet prairie straight into an NBA arena filled with scantily-clad cheerleaders and pulsing hip hop music during timeouts. My head is bound to explode.

jazz rockets tn 3356.jpg

Deron Williams.

jazz rockets tn 3127.jpg

Tracy McGrady.