Bountiful vs. Sky View Football

A selection from last week’s Bountiful vs. Sky View high school football game. Edited with photographers in mind.

Bountiful Captains


Coin Toss- My wide-angle is tweaked.

The Mosh

Banner Bust

Bountiful fans: “Take Our Picture!”

Bountiful fans: “Take Our Picture!”

Touchdown run

Touchdown run

Alta vs. Bingham football

8.29.2008 6062.jpg

Four from Friday night’s big rivalry game, where Alta took down Bingham 27-19.

8.29.2008 1778.jpg

Bingham’s Nate Girsberger runs back an interception. His touchdown was called back on a penalty, but led to a Bingham field goal and a first quarter 17-3 lead. Shot with the 400 and teleconverter (560mm).

Equipment-wise I’m using three cameras. One with a 16-35mm wide angle, one with a 70-200mm medium telephoto, and one with a 400 or 600mm super telephoto lens. Also in the mix is a 1.4 teleconverter, which is on one of the telephotos or in my pocket.

8.29.2008 1370.jpg

Alta quarterback Ammon Olsen stretches for the end zone, but comes up just short. At left is Bingham’s Keith Sasine. Shot with the 70-200 (at 145mm).

Carrying all that gear for a full game gets a little tiring, but if I get a great photograph with each lens it’s worth it.

8.29.2008 6139.jpg

Alta QB Ammon Olsen celebrates the win as time expires. Shot with the 16-35 (at 27mm).