BYU v. Washington


Washington’s Jermaine Kearse is hit by BYU defender Andrew Rich

This photo is from two weeks ago. I’m just now posting. Way behind. Last weekend was a game at Air Force in Colorado and tomorrow it’s Florida State. I’ll write more about it sometime.


Yeah, I know. I wish I could have written all the stories we shared on the drive from Denver to Colorado Springs last weekend. Sorry, it’s not going out.



BYU vs. TCU Football

BYU gets crushed 38-7 by TCU. Here’s how it went down:

10.24.2009 5764.jpg

TCU’s Ed Wesley (34) leaps over BYU’s DB Brandon Bradley (5) for a first half touchdown.

10.24.2009 5689.jpg

TCU’s Joseph Turner (24) lets out a yell after scoring in the first half.

10.24.2009 5972.jpg

TCU’s Jimmy Young (88) pulls in a touchdown pass ahead of BYU’s DB Brandon Bradley (5).

10.24.2009 6102.jpg

BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall yells as his team comes off the field.

10.24.2009 6107.jpg

Max Hall is sacked by TCU’s Cory Grant (57).

10.24.2009 6193.jpg

Max Hall is sacked by TCU’s D.J. Yendrey (55, front) and TCU’s Wayne Daniels (96).

10.24.2009 6223.jpg

Max Hall walks off the field after fumbling the ball.

10.24.2009 6169.jpg

Max Hall on the bench with the score 38-7. At left is Harvey Unga, right is Dennis Pitta.

10.24.2009 6263.jpg

A BYU fan epxresses his disappointment with the officiating.

10.24.2009 6345.jpg

Grass stains on Max Hall’s jersey.

NCAA Tournament – First Half

3.19.2009 7340.jpg

I’ve got a lot more to write, behind the scenes stuff, but here are some photographs from BYU vs. Texas A&M first. Above, Lee Cummard grabs Chinemelu Elonu.

3.19.2009 7419.jpg

Lee Cummard on offense.

3.19.2009 7247.jpg

When I asked another photographer what he thought would happen, he said that we’d know after the first five minutes. The photo above was just three minutes into the game and by then, with BYU down eight points, I had a pretty good idea.

3.19.2009 7422.jpg

BYU coach Dave Rose.

Assignment: Darwin Lecture at BYU

2.10.2009 4209.jpg

Provo – Prof. Daniel Fairbanks, a biologist at UVU, a devout Mormon and a sculptor, gives a lecture on evolution and the legacy of Charles Darwin while sculpting a bust of Darwin in BYU’s Maeser Building.

“But I can’t see his face!”

Yeah, he’s standing behind the clay head. Silly me.

In posting a photo from every single assignment I’ve learned about how I shoot and what I submit. I had expected to be posting some really awful images, but that was the medicine required to start making better photographs. What I’ve realized is that for every challenging assignment, I’m getting at least one interesting photograph. So maybe it’s not my photography that has been lacking lately.

That said, I’ve noticed that the interesting photographs that I’m getting aren’t always the ones that I’m sending in. And when I do, they aren’t always making the paper. So there’s something else to work on.

But I intend to keep posting lots of photographs, at least one from every assignment. Having this required outlet is causing me to push a little harder. If you are a photographer, I highly recommend challenging yourself in some way. And do it in front of an audience so that you’ve got the pressure to keep going.

BYU vs. UNLV College Basketball – Second Half

1.21.2009 0368.jpg

This was about the moment when UNLV took over the game. Jackson Emery did a Pete Rose dive, sliding across the court trying to save the ball. It wouldn’t be long before UNLV tied the game and then went ahead to win, as BYU put up brick after brick.

1.21.2009 0459.jpg

Once a team unravels like this, it’s pretty easy to find photos to show it.

1.21.2009 0491.jpg

Jonathan Tavernari loses his handle on the ball.

1.21.2009 9443.jpg

UNLV’s Brice Massamba and UNLV guard Rene Rougeau celebrate after Rougeau was fouled during a UNLV streak that gave them a 55-48 lead in the second half.

1.21.2009 0636.jpg

Finally, Lee Cummard walks off the court after the loss.

BYU vs. UNLV College Basketball – First Half

1.21.2009 9235.jpg

Covered last night’s BYU vs. UNLV game and I’ll make a couple posts out of it. First, the good news… BYU had a great first half, going into the locker room with a double-digit lead.

1.21.2009 0094.jpg

Lee Cummard looks down at UNLV guard Tre’Von Willis.

1.21.2009 0002.jpg

After this dunk by Lee Cummard, the lead was 19-11.

1.21.2009 0269.jpg

UNLV head coach Lon Kruger argues with an official.

1.21.2009 0257.jpg

Brigham Young’s Chris Miles pulls the ball from UNLV’s Darris Santee. Traveling was called on the play. In background, Brigham Young guard Jimmer Fredette.

Next post, when I get a minute, the mirror-image second half…

BYU vs. New Mexico – Too Tight

Two awesome plays that didn’t pan out from last week’s BYU vs. UNLV game. I was way too tight on these, shooting with a 400 and 1.4x teleconverter for a grand total of 560mm (or 728mm if you count the 1.3 sensor crop). Don’t worry if none of that makes sense. It’s all physics and math so you can just tune it out.

First was this really nice touchdown leap by UNLV quarterback Mike Clausen:

10.25.2008 8542.jpg

Ouch. That would have been a nice loose horizontal. Next up was this:

10.25.2008 8822.jpg

BYU wide receiver O’Neill Chambers was running the ball upfield and did this wild running leap over a UNLV defender. To see what could have been, check out Mike Terry’s blog. He nailed it.

BYU Special Teams

I’ve been working this scene all season long. I know there’s an even better photo, but here’s the closest I’ve got.

10.11.2008 4584.jpg

Provo – BYU’s Michael Alisa (48), Bryan Kariya (28) and Jordan Pendleton (27) attempting to block a punt by New Mexico’s Adam Miller.

Which Fan (Or) Are You?

10.11.2008 3123.jpg

BYU fans in LaVell Edwards Stadium, BYU vs. New Mexico, Saturday October 11, 2008.

I look through the fans in the photo above and instantly know which one would be me. It’s the guy in the tan jacket with his back to the game, staring at the snow falling in the mountains. I just can’t imagine sitting and watching sports. Without a camera my mind would be elsewhere. I’ll get to that at the bottom of the post.

If you came looking for photos of the BYU game, I apologize. I’m trapped inside this frame, looking for characters I can blow up into pixelized goodness. Like these:

Picture 18.jpg
Picture 3.jpg
Picture 1.jpg
Picture 10.jpg

So do you have to be a sports fan to be a great sports photographer? The answer to me is clearly, “No.”

When I’m photographing a game, I don’t care whether the blue team or the red team wins. This is to my advantage because when the game gets close and tight I’m not worried about my team scoring the winning touchdown, I’m focusing on my photography.

After the Jazz lost their second shot at the NBA Championship in 1998, Sports Illustrated ran a double-truck photograph of Michael Jordan’s championship-winning shot. It was a brilliant photo, full of detail. You could see every face in the crowd and along the baseline. We immediately scanned the photo for the photographers we knew and noticed that every newspaper photographer but one were watching, not shooting. Only one had his camera to his eye, shutting out the emotion of the game, to capture the shot. The others were all staring in awe at the play like sports fans, missing the shot.

For the record, it was the Tribune photographer code-named “Cobra” who was shooting.

Okay, one more fan photo. I just noticed that this fan needs to get his zipper fixed:

10.11.2008 3152.jpg

BYU vs. Utah State Football – Sack

10.03.2008 2019.jpg

Logan – BYU defensive lineman Brett Denney (92) sits on USU QB Diondre Borel after sacking him. BYU vs. Utah State University (USU) college football Friday, October 3, 2008.

I’m getting way behind in posting, so here’s a quick one until I put up something else.