Some changes in the photo department…

I only got to work with Kim for a year and a half. It’s sad to see her go. I’m going to remember her for being excited about so many assignments. The kind of shoots some of us thought we were too cool to do? The events we’d covered year after year to the point of boredom? Kim would come back from those with a big smile, asking if she could do them again the next time they came around. If we had assigned her to all of the things she got such a thrill from shooting there wouldn’t have been much left for the rest of us to do.

Best to you, Kim.

With all of the changes in the office and the state of the journalism industry, it’s hard to stay focused on doing great work. You’ve got to have a clear head to be creative and this week I’ve found myself reaching just to stay on task. Luckily, the photos are out there and if you put in the time you will find them.

Working in an industry that’s trying to find a way to survive, you’ve got to keep your head in the game. It’s hard to do when things seem to be falling down around you. But that’s the goal: Focus and create.

I wonder how much longer people will be able to make a living doing photojournalism. If it’s going to end we might as well go out strong. I plan to keep leaping off the platform and praying there’s water down below…

Enoch Foster dives off the platform, Cottonwood Heights Rec Center, Utah

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