American Outlaws

9.05.2009 3973.jpg

This was the scene outside the USA vs. El Salvador World Cup Qualifier yesterday. The most rabid fans of the USA National Soccer Team were outside Rio Tinto Stadium getting hyped up. It was awesome.

9.05.2009 3907.jpg
9.05.2009 3915.jpg
9.05.2009 3947.jpg
9.05.2009 3919.jpg
9.05.2009 3928.jpg
9.05.2009 3994.jpg
9.05.2009 4011.jpg
9.05.2009 4296.jpg
9.5.2009 USA fans.jpg
9.05.2009 3910.jpg

I’ll post photos from the game when I get a moment. It was amazing.

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