2008 UEP Hearing – The Exit

11.12.2008 12571.jpg

Now everyone is inside the federal court (no cameras allowed) and the hearing is presumably going on. Standing out front it’s hard to know what’s happening. You don’t. It’s time to wait. And while we wait it is getting dark outside. Really dark.

The hearing ends. A few TV cameras stand by and film the large group of FLDS as they stream out of the court and onto the sidewalk. A couple of them give short responses to questions from the cameras.

11.12.2008 13181.jpg
11.12.2008 13471.jpg
11.12.2008 1314.jpg

They go off in all directions and I don’t bother chasing anyone down. The photo I want needs to have the courthouse in the background.

11.12.2008 1384.jpg


  1. Your top-most photo of this set makes me chuckle – is that a hip FLDS chick, or just a security/escort officer for the court – in the foreground wiht a bluetooth in her ear? LOL!

  2. those are great pictures , but the flds are not doing good at all they dress like they are pure and holy and make true conservative christians look bad

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