Final Fight! – Layton vs. Davis

When you’re going to write about photographing a high school football game AND the 1989 arcade game Final Fight, where to start? Obviously, with Final Fight.

Here’s the plot as it appears on Wikipedia (with my favorite parts in bold):

Final Fight is set in the fictional American city of Metro City “sometime in the 1990s”. The story centers around the kidnapping of the Mayor’s daughter, Jessica, by the dominant street gang in the city known as the Mad Gear Gang, which seeks to bring the Mayor under their control. The Mayor, a former pro wrestler named Mike Haggar, refuses to give in to the gang’s demands and sets out to rescue his daughter with the help of her boyfriend, a martial artist named Cody, and his friend, a modern-day Bushin ninja named Guy.


It’s a common videogame premise, where you select from the characters you want to play. Each has a strength and a weakness. There is the ultra-fast guy who can’t take a punch. There’s the all-around average player. And there’s the big heavy dude who is super strong but super slow. In Final Fight, the fast and skinny is Guy, Cody is the average, and Haggar is the big slow brawler.

For far too long I’ve been playing Final Fight as the former pro-wrestler Haggar and too often I’ve also been showing up to shoot football games as Haggar, loaded down with three cameras and all the weight that entails. It’s been an effective strategy with a lot of great photographs, but I felt it was time for a change. So for this game I selected Guy and went the light-weight approach, carrying just two cameras. On one I mounted the smaller and lighter 300/2.8 and the other camera had a 16-35 wide angle. I went without a monopod and made sure to down a large Coke and a couple of candy bars for even more extra speed.


While the 300 didn’t give me the same reach as the 400 I usually would use, I stayed close to the action, mostly shooting within ten yards of the line of scrimmage.

9.19.2008 8656.jpg

Above: Davis’ Troy Hinds celebrates sacking Layton QB Camren Applegate.

9.19.2008 9085.jpg

My biggest technical hurdle was the dark, horrendous lighting. Just look at those weak lights! And it varied all over the field; every third frame had a horrible reddish hue. I switched to shooting RAW for the second half when it got dark just so I’d be able to correct the color shifts.

Still, it was very dark and for a while I played with the artistry of a slower shutter speed. That was a mistake when Davis made this touchdown:

9.19.2008 9015.jpg

The 300 worked well throughout. While its reach wasn’t as tight as I’m used to with the 400, there’s not much you can do with either lens when the action takes off clear across the field. Shooting loose can sometimes add to the shot, like this touchdown where the marching band adds a nice detail:

9.19.2008 8793.jpg

But back to Final Fight, here’s the description of Guy (again from the Final Fight page on Wikipedia):

Guy is the fastest, yet weakest member of the group, in which he can unleash fast punches against his opponents and use an off-the-wall kick to knock them down.

So true. When Kimble Jensen made the a late interception to seal the win for Layton, I was right up close and in place for the shot. Call this one my very own off-the-wall kick to knock them down:

9.19.2008 9271.jpg

Full Disclosure: For almost twenty years I’ve played Final Fight as Haggar and I probably won’t change, so Alex… you’ll still have to play as Cody.


  1. What I wouldn’t give to have the options you have to pick a fighter. Us guys at the nickel arcade are playing off a broken stick (my mono-pod collar is snapped and Canon can’t fix it because it’s so old), where your “Guy” makes our “Haggar” look like a Smurf. I like to do some Yoga before the game to keep my body limber so it’s easier to dodge the band and cheerleaders while running madly up and down the sideline.

    Like always, great post and great photos! HS sports can be a real biatch with the late starts and low light, but make for some of the best sports photos.

    BTW: Is the UHSAA keeping photogs in SL back behind the soccer sideline when shooting football?

  2. I am a helluva alike Guy, I’m small and fast. I also shoot solely with a 300 2.8 and a 16-35 2.8 with a spare battery. The new mark III I’ve got gives me the cropping power I need for tighter shots if needed and my deadline is so damn early that I plan for my shot in the first quarter or so anyhow. Thanks for the post though Trent it was funny as all hell. :)

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