SF Gate:

Rotting corpses, starving babies, burned-out villages. Those aren’t the kinds of images kids at San Anselmo’s Sir Francis Drake High School usually see when they crowd into the gym for an assembly.
But they got an eyeful one recent morning when Mark Brecke, a resourceful San Francisco photographer who’s spent a decade documenting mass murder and ethnic cleansing, served up a sobering tutorial on genocide. He showed slides from the decimated Darfur region of Sudan, where he lived for five weeks with roving rebels of the Sudanese Liberation Army, and from the camps in neighboring Chad, where survivors find refuge from the slaughter and forced starvation that has killed more than 400,000 people since 2003.
“These images are not easy to take, that’s for sure,” said Brecke, a soft-spoken, fair-haired man in his late 30s, showing a picture of a partially decomposed body lying in the dirt. “But they’re necessary. Because you are witnessing a mass crime scene, if you want to call it that.”



  1. Genocide is about denial, a society which decides some ethnic group is sub-human and should be denied life or escape.

    In January 1961 West New Guinea elected a national Parliament and soon declared itself as West Papua,
    instead a 1962 Cold War deal sold West Papua to Indonesia,
    May 1 1963 Indonesia’s military took control,
    Sept 5 1963 Indonesia declared it a “quarantine territory”,
    Dec 2000 Swiss journalist wrote his attempt to enter report about West Papua “Prison, Torture and Murder in Jayapura – Twelve Days in an Indonesian Jail”,
    April 2004 the Yale Law School published:
    “Indonesian Human Rights Abuses in West Papua:
    Application of the Law of Genocide to the History of Indonesian Control”

    Genocide has raged for over forty years inside West Papua, as the Bechtel built Freeport McMoRan mine digs up its vast GOLD and Copper which Freeport mines under a 1967 Indonesian license.

    How many are dead? Estimates range from 100 to 800 thousand; all NGOs agree over a hundred thousand have been killed without record or acknowledgment of their deaths.

    That is genocide.
    West Papua Information Kit

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